Fear Not Resistance, It Lights Your Path #DIYMFA

I’m back, as promised! (Wait, I can actually keep those??)  A bit later than I promised, but I made it back, so that’s a win in my book.

DIY MFA Book Club has actually ended, but I still want to answer all the prompts (im)patiently sitting in my inbox, and no one can tell me otherwise, so hah! 😇

Today’s prompt is a bit harder to tackle:


“Resistance comes from fear, and fear has a purpose.”
Gabriela, DIYMFA

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Reality Check #DIYMFA

Happy mid-January! Oh gosh, already…

This week’s prompt brought up a variety of topics, because reality’s messy.

Prompt 2

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With Every New Year…

… comes new resolutions.

At least, for a good number of people. But I think I’m just about to give up the “resolutions can only be taken on New Year”‘s philosophy and try to give myself tangible goals instead. Things I can do to improve every day. (Warning: trial mode.) Read Me More…

Obstacle #16: Missing Bridges

Let’s jump right into today’s topic: missing bridges; or having points A, E and K but not knowing how to get there. I’m still not sure that’s appropriately titled, so if you have a better word or description, let me know. I’d say this topic is closely related to Writer’s Block, so much so I do believe they’re siblings!

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Obstacle #6: Writer’s Block

I guess I did something right in my last post (Revisions), a fair few of you seemed to share similar feelings. 🙂 (Is this ‘like’ similar to the Facebook ‘like?’ Bring on the confusion!)

Today’s topic: the ultimate writer’s bane! Writer’s block. (Cue dreadful music.)

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t require an explanation, unless the assumption that eeeveryone experienced it at some point or another is wrong. Read Me More…