5 Year Anniversary

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Happy birthday blog!Β πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ You’re nearly old enough for kindergarten!

I was going to write a longer, perhaps sentimental, post, yet sadly– I failed to draft this appropriately ahead of time, woke up with a killer migraine, and slept over half the day. Welcome to life. 😬😴

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3 Year Anniversary

G’day, mates!

Wow has it been a while, or what? I just realized I only published three posts since my last anniversary post. Oops?

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1 Year Anniversary

A year ago, in a far away, cold and snow filled rural land, I began my blog.

From my first two followers, I somehow gained another 100! γƒΎ(〃^βˆ‡^)οΎ‰

Sorry, I couldn’t help my excited-ness from creeping out. (See? It did it again!)

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