Monthly Blurb #5

It took a while, but I managed to squeeze this out. However, I’m now out of prompts! It’s up to you to feed me for the next Blurb! Leave a comment below, thank you!

As always, I welcome any comment and/or constructive criticism. 🙂

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Monthly Blurb #4

This blurb topic was ironically self-induced (perhaps, on some level, even incepted) while talking with the German ‘assistant.’ She has to teach a new business class this semester and isn’t quite sure what to do with that, especially without knowing (or testing) the level of her students first.

I feel like the original chat (ultra-short) version is funnier, so I’ll be adding it below. I felt like it’d be cheating to post four lines as a blurb, so I made it long.

Warning: silly, nonsensical-ness ahead.
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Monthly Blurb #3

A much overdue Blurb! To be fair, I did attempt NaNo, and work got a little crazy – although the craziness has, frankly, only started and I can’t tell you how much dread grading hundreds of tests fills me with!

Anyway, I will attempt to update more regularly, but here is December’s Blurb to fill this holiday season with some giddiness.

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Monthly Blurb #1

As promised, my first Weekly Blurb! I was busier than anticipated this past week so it’s kind of a last minute write, with very little editing. (How the hell did it end up this long anyway!?)

Any comment and/or constructive criticism is always welcome. 🙂

You may feel free to share, reblog, or comment, but please do not steal my words or take credit for them. Thank you. © Alison Juste

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