Moment Of Triumph

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Moment Of Triumph
By Alison Juste

The U.S.A exploded in jeer,
At the news of a death held dear.

Off with his head!
The terrorist is dead!

But while everyone cheered,
Celebrated and clapped,
At the joyful images I stared.

Hollow, their hypocrisy sank in.
Reverse the moment,
Our ‘enemies’ rejoicing, just imagine,
The death of an American, quite prominent.

A barrage of condemnation
From all sources would follow,
More ‘extremism’ would draw aberration,
But the U.S.A flies solo.

To rejoice in the death of someone,
No matter their crime,
Adds fuel to a fire, or more than one.

Martin Luther King, Jr had it right,
Hatred spreads darkness
On a darkened window, ageless.
Only love can provide the light,

To banish the shadows.
Let hope for the future gleam,
Bid goodbye to woes,
Realize we’re all one team.

Amidst the overwhelming joy,
Alone I sat, mourning
The death of a human, to destroy
The grounds of a nation, still growing.

Feedback appreciated on form, flow, and any aspect of poetry I’ve forgotten since my last English class.

All work published is the intellectual property of ©Alison Juste. Please do not republish anything from this site without express written permission. Sharing links or reblogging is welcome.


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