What’s In A Name? #WIP

Greetings from an early morning (aka, I should be sleeping).

You might notice this is my first “work in progress” update in a while! Let’s take this as a good sign, shall we?

While I haven’t yet made very much progress on my novel, I’m at least still thinking about it. I’ll take my “I suddenly want to write my antagonist’s backstory out” moment as a promising feeling and cling to that while I can.

But there is a recurring thought that I still can’t answer, and since I have readers (some of whom happen to be writers), what better way than to help shed light on my dilemma?

Simply put: Can I make do without last names in the book (and potential ‘series’)? If I can, should I?

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NaNoWriMo Lessons #WIP

Greetings fellow creators!

As you probably know (or inferred from the title), I decided kind of last minute to jump in and take part in NaNoWriMo. At the time I thought I was nuts, scratch that, I still do! However, it’s only day 5 and I somehow managed to sort of impress myself.

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Rediscovering Creativity #WIP

Perhaps that title is too grand for what I’m feeling, but then again… maybe not.

These days, the more I want to write my story, the more I find myself having to create something else. By all means, it’s related and prompted by my story (like the cipher), but today’s attempt at designing a bracelet has led me to believe I need to actually make it Read Me More…

Initial Cipher Completed! #WIP

How exciting, my first of many ‘work in progress’ updates!  (At least, I hope.)

I haven’t said much about what kind of book I’m writing, but… I’m still trying to a) figure that out completely, and b) fit it in one sentence. I suppose I should keep it a surprise for when I have a lot more of it to condense?

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Obstacle #9: World Building

It’s been a long 4-day week… My really long weekend was obviously too short and I guess more tiring than I thought. I’m still recuperating and yawning all day, every day.

Thus, I had to ask someone for today’s topic. I give you my attempt at tackling world building. (Or, how-to-explain-that-awesome-place-inside-your-head-to-non-mind-readers.)

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Obstacle #6: Writer’s Block

I guess I did something right in my last post (Revisions), a fair few of you seemed to share similar feelings. 🙂 (Is this ‘like’ similar to the Facebook ‘like?’ Bring on the confusion!)

Today’s topic: the ultimate writer’s bane! Writer’s block. (Cue dreadful music.)

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t require an explanation, unless the assumption that eeeveryone experienced it at some point or another is wrong. Read Me More…

Obstacle #2: P.O.V, First vs Third Person

Second post of my Obstacle Series. I think I’ll post them on Fridays, that way I have a weekend and the week to mull over the topic… IF I can find more topics. (Hint hint: give me suggestions!)

Today’s topic is point of view! Whether you’re writing for your high school/college English class with a carte blanche topic or writing a story you want to submit to a contest, you probably wonder sometimes about which P.O.V to use. (Oh you don’t? Great, see you next week!)

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