Unlikely Partnership

I haven’t written much lately, feeling very much in a slump.  I haven’t written, finished unpacking from my move nor am I, apparently, in any hurry to finish my home deco projects to help me unpack and be happier with my new place.

So instead of forcing myself to work on something, I’d rather write about a new… experience, if you will, that only began after my move.
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You Know What I Hate?

I hate the accusatory, entitled tone some old dude takes when I don’t answer his “bonjour mademoiselle” the first time around, as much as I hate the woman behind him scoffing at my abrupt answer as I keep walking.

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The Inadvertent Thief

The day had barely started yet her brain already stacked things in a mental to-do list. Go to the store. Return the blackened carrots. Buy lunch. Print materials for class. See the secretaries for exam scheduling.

So anxious she was to go home and eat, she didn’t want to take a big bulky cart as it’d only slow her down. Read Me More…

Monday Blues

As much as I came home feeling rather pleased with my lesson planning last Monday, you could say today was the stark opposite. No, it has nothing to do with the pre-6p.m. darkening of the sky or with my cleaning procrastination. I just feel like a failure. Can I even call myself a teacher?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for pity or anything (although hugs are always welcome), I’m just declaring my overwhelming feelings of inadequate-ness. Read Me More…


The first week back to school is always hard, for students and teachers. So imagine the speed at which my dedication burst forth, like a cat on a laser dot, when I got less than half my students showing up for the first class. Great start guys, I can feel your determination already!

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