Cinematic Short Story Contest Update!

Squeeeeeee! 🤩

Ahem, forgive me. The email took me by surprise this morning (pros of living in a different timezone?), but very excited to announce I’m a semifinalist for Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest!! 😍


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Fear Not Resistance, It Lights Your Path #DIYMFA

I’m back, as promised! (Wait, I can actually keep those??)  A bit later than I promised, but I made it back, so that’s a win in my book.

DIY MFA Book Club has actually ended, but I still want to answer all the prompts (im)patiently sitting in my inbox, and no one can tell me otherwise, so hah! 😇

Today’s prompt is a bit harder to tackle:


“Resistance comes from fear, and fear has a purpose.”
Gabriela, DIYMFA

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Best (Worst?) Practices, An Odyssey #DIYMFA

Happy February!

I meant to answer this prompt earlier, but I had a story to write for NYC Midnight‘s #shortstorychallenge2018! Sad to say procrastination grabbed a hold of me by Wednesday, throwing all productivity aside (engaging all the fear monsters though), but I managed to write 1,500 (aka most of it) on Saturday and of course had a last minute full on editing session before resubmitting. Judges be all judgy. Que sera, sera!

I’m well behind on prompts, so I’ll try my best to catch up, which may mean more than one update a week (gasp)! Our first prompt this week:


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