Monthly Blurb #5

It took a while, but I managed to squeeze this out. However, I’m now out of prompts! It’s up to you to feed me for the next Blurb! Leave a comment below, thank you!

As always, I welcome any comment and/or constructive criticism. 🙂

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Thank you to each and everyone one of you!

The first of many milestones to reach, I hope.

It hasn’t quite been a year since I started this blog, and despite my inconsistent posting, it’s nice to know at least someone is reading (and responding) to my posts and musings.

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The Inadvertent Thief

The day had barely started yet her brain already stacked things in a mental to-do list. Go to the store. Return the blackened carrots. Buy lunch. Print materials for class. See the secretaries for exam scheduling.

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7 Strategies and 110 Tools to Help Indie Authors Find Readers and Reviewers

Reblogging both for reference and sharing!
Thanks for the list. 🙂

Musings and Marvels

Self-publishing is growing, and with it come new resources. One of the biggest hurdles of being an indie author is finding readers and getting reviews (which helps find more readers). Some people may still consider self-publishing a stigma, and some writers may think that promotion takes away too much time from writing. But many sites, including Outramp, Your Writer Platform, and Indies Unlimited have written posts giving advice for marketing.

On Digital Book World, founder of McCarthy Digital Peter McCarthy said, “Whoever is the best at connecting authors’ works with the end consumers — they win.” It’s about being agile and seeing what works.

With that in mind, here are 7 strategiesand a list of 94 tools indie authors can use to help promote their books and find new readers and reviewers (although the first and most important thing is to write a good…

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Writing: Main Or Side Job?

I’m neither the first nor the last to ponder whether to consider writing a main or side job. Frankly, I’m actually at a point where writing isn’t even a job at the moment, which might play better in the long term but is rather detrimental to my short term goals.

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