I’m Insane!


Have you met me? I’m insane!

No, really… I meant to pick up the pace of this blog after finally, really getting stable internet because wouldn’t you know, I was just jinxing myself the first time around. So here I am, a month into teaching university and still scrambling for sometimes last minute lesson plans, translations and pronunciation workshop ideas. And what do I do?

Sign up for NaNoWriMo.

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To Nano, Or Not To Wrimo?

Dear fellow writers,

I hope to find you well and honest enough to advise me on a serious matter. You see, like you, I am trying to complete a piece of writing but am rather struggling with consistency and writer’s block, among other things.

If you have experience with the boasted yet arduous Nanowrimo, I do hope you’ll find it in you and your incredibly busy schedule to drop a line of advice.

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Name Change!

Hello everyone!

No I’m not dead, although when I had less than a week left in my (Japanese) house back in July, I had this sudden urge to sit down and write. Curious how ‘inspiration’ timing works.

On that same note, my brain was assailed by stroke of genius after stroke of genius. After lying down, sitting back up and jotting my ideas down, and lying down again (repeat perhaps 4 times), I pondered about my pen name…

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Alive & Plugged In

Greetings non-forgotten readers!

It has been too long since my last post, but I just wanted to update you on the why.

As planned, I moved out of my Japanese house before the end of July and went off for a month of traveling and meeting old friends. It was fun, tiring, sweaty as hell, and delicious. Then I went back to California for quite possibly the shortest week ever with only a little bit of unpacking and repacking.

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