Hoooold It–

(Perhaps not the Weekly Blurb you were expecting… I know, sorry!)

Dear everyone,

as previously mentioned, I’m putting this blog on hold due to my upcoming move from Japan back to the U.S. (and the ensuing stress).

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Obstacle #17: Follow through

Merry Friday, folks!

I still can’t believe it’s July, despite the urge to cry (from stress) every time I look at my planner for this month.

In any case, today’s post is possibly the last for a while due to 1) international move and correlated job hunting, and 2) lack of topic ideas! You can’t help with 1, but you can really save me with 2! I’ll most likely post something to announce my absence, but in the meantime, use the new, shiny and sadly unused Contact page!

And now, for today’s topic, I give you: follow through. A.k.a: coming up with one (or several) clever turn(s) of phrase, but not be able to follow through for the rest of the sentence/paragraph/scene.

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New Page: Contact

Dear readers,

I just reached 60 followers! Thank you! =D

Check out my brand new page Contact and send me anything (mostly) writing related you’d like me to answer, tackle or fight. (It might be entertaining.)

I would love Obstacle ideas because I’m about to run out again.

That said, have a great week and see you Friday!

Monthly Blurb #2

I don’t know if you noticed, but last week’s blurb was less of a blurb and more of a… vignette, perhaps? The word limit is shorter this time though, so… I’ll try to restrain myself a little.
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