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(Perhaps not the Weekly Blurb you were expecting… I know, sorry!)

Dear everyone,

as previously mentioned, I’m putting this blog on hold due to my upcoming move from Japan back to the U.S. (and the ensuing stress).

I probably won’t get a chance to sit down and write leisurely until end of August at the earliest, but depending on how job hunting turns out this might extend to mid-September. Maybe I’ll have downtime and be able to post out of the blue posts, but regular posts will return at the end of summer.

In the mean time, feel free to drop a ton of suggestions!

Happy readings! See you after August. 🙂

Yours truly,

– Me, myself and I


Obstacle #17: Follow through

Merry Friday, folks!

I still can’t believe it’s July, despite the urge to cry (from stress) every time I look at my planner for this month.

In any case, today’s post is possibly the last for a while due to 1) international move and correlated job hunting, and 2) lack of topic ideas! You can’t help with 1, but you can really save me with 2! I’ll most likely post something to announce my absence, but in the meantime, use the new, shiny and sadly unused Contact page!

And now, for today’s topic, I give you: follow through. A.k.a: coming up with one (or several) clever turn(s) of phrase, but not be able to follow through for the rest of the sentence/paragraph/scene.

You know, the one where you’re really proud and it’s possibly the best sentence you’ve written, EVER! And the rest just seems bland. So blah indeed that even with a dash of pepper, paprika and turmeric it still lacks that amazing mixed-spices taste that amazing sentence left you with.

When that happens, I usually try to keep writing to avoid getting stuck and when I’m in the mood for editing, then I’ll play with words and tweak parts until it’s about halfway there. When other people read it, they don’t really tell me “Wow that one sentence was awesome, but the rest… meh.”

Maybe like everything else, our loudest critic is our inner voice(s)?

But of course, lack of “follow through”s doesn’t have to be just language-wise, it could be plain idea wise. After this epic twist plot, the rest of the story might not live up to the excitement, or the sadness. When that happens and you’re really stuck, maybe it’s time to think back on your own life on moments where the follow through was disappointing. For instance, a trailer 100x better than the actual movie, some things that make/made you go “Why me?” are good starters.

Take those memories, those emotions and put them in your story. From there, your “if only this had happened” voice will kick in and it might give you a piece of the puzzle you’re creating.

Writer’s block has a huge, complex family, and each family member has one annoying quality we can’t get away from. Maybe with time we get used to those annoyances, but I’m still in the “ugh, go away!” category. Is there a cure? Probably not, and if there was, it wouldn’t be a one size fits all.

Just remember, pobody’s nerfect! If you’re struggling, so is everyone else.

New Page: Contact

Dear readers,

I just reached 60 followers! Thank you! =D

Check out my brand new page Contact and send me anything (mostly) writing related you’d like me to answer, tackle or fight. (It might be entertaining.)

I would love Obstacle ideas because I’m about to run out again.

That said, have a great week and see you Friday!

Monthly Blurb #2

I don’t know if you noticed, but last week’s blurb was less of a blurb and more of a… vignette, perhaps? The word limit is shorter this time though, so… I’ll try to restrain myself a little.

Any comment and/or constructive criticism is always welcome. 🙂

You may feel free to share, reblog, or comment, but please do not steal my words or take credit for them. Thank you. © Alison Juste

Prompt: A brief scene between two people in a post-apocalyptic world. Topic: anything. No min word limit. Max. 900.

“Wait up–!”

Elia shushed him quickly and paused on top of the hill, glancing around and taking in their surrounding. Sydali finally caught up, his breathing slightly strained. “There’s no one he–mmph.” She covered his mouth quickly, frowning at an unfortunately not too distant familiar sound.

“We’ve gotta move.”

Sydali stumbled behind her, resisting the urge to speak again. He hadn’t known Elia for long, but she’d saved his life a few times already in the short three months they’d teamed up. An avalanche, quick sand, a sudden storm, predators… Just thinking about it gave him chills.

He followed her at his quickest pace, which was never fast enough, until they reached their latest lair and burrowed deep. There the darkness blanketed them comfortably and silenced the world around them.

“So much for gathering food huh…” The stone around them finally started glowing, just in time for him to witness her sharp glare. “Uhh–”

“Well if someone hadn’t ran into a den of ferocious lavigers, just maybe we could’ve had a decent catch today.”

Sydali coughed uncomfortably, suddenly fascinated by the soft green glow. He could feel a stare though, but when he dared to look, he only met puzzlement. “How you survived so long with so little skill is a real mystery.”

“Well, uh… I, I had a– comfortable life.”

Elia seemed to agree, but she shoved his share of stomped roots in his hand anyway. “Welcome to the real world, where the rest of us still live with the consequences from the actions of a few arrogant, entitled assholes.” Her smile was genuine, yet frigid at the same time.

Yes, yes I know… Although he hadn’t asked to be born as an entitled asshole’s descendant, he went a step further than any other descendant, so maybe he could just be an arrogant, entitled descendant for short.

A sudden powerful and deep growl tore the comfortable silence apart, the ground shaking beneath the beast’s steps, reminding them that those consequences took many shapes, including the dangerous, mobile ones.

Word count: 344

Well– at least it’s written. I’ll continue saying this was a last minute write, because it really was and it probably shall be until I put the blog on hold during my move. But hey, I have a semi-plot for a semi-world and I feel like I could make it longer if I had more time. So hah, filed under ‘maybe for later.’

Not sure if I should’ve cut out that last tidbit, I’m semi-happy with it, but it’s already past my bed time so… I’ll abandon it here for now.

If you want to write your own answers to these prompts, feel free to post your writing below! 🙂

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