Obstacle #16: Missing Bridges

Let’s jump right into today’s topic: missing bridges; or having points A, E and K but not knowing how to get there. I’m still not sure that’s appropriately titled, so if you have a better word or description, let me know. I’d say this topic is closely related to Writer’s Block, so much so I do believe they’re siblings!

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Monthly Blurb #1

As promised, my first Weekly Blurb! I was busier than anticipated this past week so it’s kind of a last minute write, with very little editing. (How the hell did it end up this long anyway!?)

Any comment and/or constructive criticism is always welcome. 🙂

You may feel free to share, reblog, or comment, but please do not steal my words or take credit for them. Thank you. © Alison Juste

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New Category: Weekly Blurb!

Once upon a time, a friend and I discussed writing.

Friend: “Alas, I enjoy writing but prefer thinking of things to write!”
Me: “Alas, I relish writing but cannot get myself to write!”
Friend: “… Hold, friend, for I just had a brilliant thought.”
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Obstacle #14: Comfort Zone(s)

Hellosankyuugoodbye. Nah, I’m kidding, although that is what some students say to me in the hallways, go figure. Happy Friday? I feel like my stress levels have only epically increased all week…

Okay so today’s topic: comfort zone(s), and how stepping out of them feels like climbing Mt Fuji. Read Me More…

Obstacle #13: Tense(s)

I would copy a friend and spell out TGIF in Japanese, but– I don’t think anyone would get it. Instead, hooray Friday!

Thank goodness it’s the weekend, and at the same time… AAH! Yesterday was my junior high school’s sports day (体育祭), and it had been my first whole day out in the sun in a while (long winters are long). Of course I burned a little… oops.

Anyway, I was completely taken ‘by surprise’ for this week’s post because Friday kind of did creep up on me, so I asked a friend for inspiration, and– I got it! So here you have today’s topic: tenses.

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Rediscovering Creativity #WIP

Perhaps that title is too grand for what I’m feeling, but then again… maybe not.

These days, the more I want to write my story, the more I find myself having to create something else. By all means, it’s related and prompted by my story (like the cipher), but today’s attempt at designing a bracelet has led me to believe I need to actually make it Read Me More…