Obstacle #12: Rigidity

Happy Friday, fellow writers!

I apologize in advance if this post is discombobulated, but apparently I managed to catch an end-of-winter-yay-spring cold, relapsed a fever and trying hard not to hack out a lung…

Today’s topic is lack of flexibility, aka rigidity.

There are as many types of writers as there are books and writing styles, but we do have a few points in common. Read Me More…


Obstacle #11: Titles

I like having a series, because I only have to name it once, and then find topics. Thus today’s topic, titles!

I don’t know about you, but picking titles is probably my least favorite part of writing – unless I have a “that‘s what I’ll call it!” inspiration-filled moment, but those are almost as common as unicorns. Read Me More…

New Library Page – Devilish Spawns

Happy Friday y’all! Or is it just me, hm. I’m up way past my bed time.

Anyway, for no reason at all (aka I should be sleeping), I had a random urge to post a bit more writing on here, and so– I went and fished in my writing pfiles* (new words, love ’em!) and it’s now ready for viewing!

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Initial Cipher Completed! #WIP

How exciting, my first of many ‘work in progress’ updates!  (At least, I hope.)

I haven’t said much about what kind of book I’m writing, but… I’m still trying to a) figure that out completely, and b) fit it in one sentence. I suppose I should keep it a surprise for when I have a lot more of it to condense?

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Obstacle #10: Aimlessness

Happy birthday, Obstacles! It’s 10 weeks old today, boy do they do grow up fast…

Not going to lie, this week’s topic was  inspired by another friend, who (un?)knowingly herded me down this road. A brief recap of our conversation:

Me: “I should write… but I forgot the idea I had for this week’s topic…”
Him: “Free write?”
Me: “But without an obstacle, it won’t fit in the series…”
Him: “The lack of obstacle IS an obstacle!”

Somehow, that put all my feelings into one word for today’s topic: aimlessness.

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Obstacle #9: World Building

It’s been a long 4-day week… My really long weekend was obviously too short and I guess more tiring than I thought. I’m still recuperating and yawning all day, every day.

Thus, I had to ask someone for today’s topic. I give you my attempt at tackling world building. (Or, how-to-explain-that-awesome-place-inside-your-head-to-non-mind-readers.)

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