Obstacle #7: Emotions

Alright writers, let’s face it: sometimes, even when we manage to write something and be decently content with it, no one else will ever read it. Why?

Can’t– let– anyone— read this– EVER!!

So yes, today’s topic is emotions (aka any feelings that tell you your writing isn’t worthy, and you should just stop deluding yourself because clearly you’re not meant to be a writer).

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Obstacle #6: Writer’s Block

I guess I did something right in my last post (Revisions), a fair few of you seemed to share similar feelings. ­čÖé (Is this ‘like’ similar to the Facebook ‘like?’ Bring on the confusion!)

Today’s topic: the ultimate writer’s bane! Writer’s block. (Cue dreadful music.)

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t require an explanation, unless the assumption that eeeveryone experienced it at some point or another is wrong. Read Me More…

Obstacle #5: Revisions

Revisions revisions, bane of my addiction… Maybe I should’ve kept all the sentences with which I wanted to start this post, so we can all see how many times we start somewhere only to end with something completely different.

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Obstacle #4: Conventions

Happy Friday! (For me at least…) And look, a month’s worth of Obstacle posts! I guess that means it is a series, and I already have next week’s topic! Funny how I keep inspiring myself by writing these out…

Today’s topic: conventions, aka ‘rules’ and norms of writing.

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