Obstacle #3: Character(s)

Hoozah, I made it to a third post!

As I mentioned in my last post, I inspired myself by mentioning creating characters. Well, it sounds very duh, as they’re essential to a good story, but I hear there’s a method to that madness, or rather, several methods.

This is where I must come clean… I don’t really adhere to methods or conventions, but that’ll be further discussed in next week’s post.

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Obstacle #2: P.O.V, First vs Third Person

Second post of my Obstacle Series. I think I’ll post them on Fridays, that way I have a weekend and the week to mull over the topic… IF I can find more topics. (Hint hint: give me suggestions!)

Today’s topic is point of view! Whether you’re writing for your high school/college English class with a carte blanche topic or writing a story you want to submit to a contest, you probably wonder sometimes about which P.O.V to use. (Oh you don’t? Great, see you next week!)

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Obstacle #1: Words, Feedback & Languages

I might or might not be starting a “series” based on varying obstacles we face while writing. I don’t want to make a promise in case I break it, but I’ll try to update at least a few of these.

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Nice To Meet You!

Hello there! Or perhaps welcome back?

I can’t believe I’m already updating, but I can see how dangerously addicting this can get… So, what writing have I accomplished since yesterday after spending hours configuring, revamping and updating my blog? None. Well, unless you count this, does this count? Read Me More…

Open For Business!

What a grand, exhausting day today was. My 3rd year students graduated (tears were shed and laughter shared), I figured out (some of) this WordPress business, and in the matter of a single day, preparations are complete!

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Baby Steps

I’ve taken another baby step towards my dream of becoming a writer. Although technically, I’m already a writer, so let’s say a (soon to be) published writer?

Updates will most likely be slow – not only because my perfectionist side gets in my way, I get in my own way too – but mostly because a) I’m still figuring out this whole WordPress business, and b) I’m still not sure exactly how I’m going to ‘publish’ anything because what I had in mind was radically different. So, with that in mind, don’t expect something new every week.

Comments and feedback I love, so if you read something of mine and just can’t help yourself, by all means, let me know what my writing did to you, and I’ll bake you a (n internet) cookie! 😉